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Dead, Everywhere

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I stand corrected.
We're all REJECTED.

I may be a lot of things but I know that I'M NOT FAKE.
The truth is I stopped caring, so fucking spare me.

Stop me if you've heard this before.
You'd never think to send a good man to war.
Don't blink or you'll miss it again.

Take me and bury my bones.
We never had a chance. I never had a chance.
Take me and bring me home.
We never had a chance.

Somebody WAKE ME UP.
I've had enough of holding onto the pain I love.
Somebody wake me up.
I've had enough.

I may have said those things and I meant only half.
I'd rather keep my sanity and live the life you wish you had.

I stand corrected.
We're all REJECTED.
I don't feel right here.
The more I try, the harder it gets.

Go ahead and say that I've lost my mind.
I hope it's never found again.
I'll bend but I won't break.

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